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Argus West utilizes a web-based comprehensive case management system (CMS) designed specifically for investigative companies. Our CMS is a complete management tool for all employees of Argus West and its clients where communication is a priority. In addition to, CMS provides comprehensive data to effectively manage all investigative programs within the vendor management program.

Vendor Management has its positives and negatives. Our vendor management program has many more positives than other investigative programs. One of the largest complaints about vendor management, is most national investigative companies will nickel and dime the vendor panel participants. They offer low reimbursed rates with overbearing client managers. Argus West has solved this problem by having a well-established relationship and understanding with very capable competitors. Most importantly, we do not nickel and dime their reimbursed rate or expenses. We do this because we are not like the national firms who need to make large profits off their vendor management program. Argus West doesn't seek or attempt to handle the field work ourselves, but rather make sure the assignments are being handled by the best investigative companies with efficiency and professionalism. Lastly, think about the type of work product our model creates. With the national companies reduced reimbursed rates, this forces their panel companies to use lesser skilled investigators on those claims. Do you really want that? Instead, our network is paid a better rate, keeping the most qualified investigators handling your claims. 

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California Statewide Coverage And Nationwide Support While we specialize in California, we can handle assignments throughout the country via our network of affiliates. Wherever your needs are, so are we. You Need Knowledge And Experience Our management team has extensive field experience and knows the intricacies of the cases they now supervise, continuing to work high level assignments when called upon. The end result is a product and service that exceeds your expectations. Hire A Firm With A Single Vision Whether it‘s a workers‘ comp case, an auto accident or a background, Argus West is your single source for reliable, comprehensive investigative services.


I have benefited tremendously from the services I received from Argus West.


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