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Our focus is in the latest High Definition video

For over 35 years, Argus West has been conducting surveillance with highly skilled, experienced investigators. Staying on top of ever changing technology and using it provides our clients the quality they deserve. There are several key differences between Argus West and its competitor's when it comes to surveillance.

When identification is of the utmost importance, Argus West provides its clients with the latest HD video with such clarity, it is unmatched by its competitors. How is this possible? Well, we spend the time to process the video without downgrading the quality. More times than not, the client can't tell if the video of our competitor depicts the subject unless there is a very good close up of the subject's face. To emphasis this point, there will be no mistake as to who the person is when looking at our video during a head to toe video shot of an individual. Most competitors either don't want to spend the time and/or know how to process the video without losing its original quality.

Argus West knows how to use video when it appears potential misrepresentations are present. Proactive strategies proven to be successful can help reduce the overall exposure on many claim files whether the claim turns into fraud or not. We can recommend to the client a successful plan of action (POA) to limit overall exposure that most our competitors do not have the experience to do.

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California Statewide Coverage And Nationwide Support While we specialize in California, we can handle assignments throughout the country via our network of affiliates. Wherever your needs are, so are we. You Need Knowledge And Experience Our management team has extensive field experience and knows the intricacies of the cases they now supervise, continuing to work high level assignments when called upon. The end result is a product and service that exceeds your expectations. Hire A Firm With A Single Vision Whether it‘s a workers‘ comp case, an auto accident or a background, Argus West is your single source for reliable, comprehensive investigative services.


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